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Chiropractic is the art of finding joint subluxation and making a correction


The focus of the chiropractor is to diagnose joint subluxations in the spine and limbs and the effects these have on your health and wellbeing. A subluxation is a joint restriction which places pressure on the body’s tissues (muscles, discs, ligaments, tendons) and irritates the body’s control centre the nervous system. These lesions interrupt the flow of messages through the nervous system reducing your health and body’s performance. 


The nervous system is responsible for the control and adaption to life’s daily processes and needs which include emotions, thought patterns, movements, balance, coordination, performance and organ function (breathing, digestion, hearing, seeing, and sexual function). For optimal health you need your nervous system to be in a state of balance, with your spine and joints in alignment with each other causing the least amount of stress, this allows the nervous system to function at its best.


By adjusting the subluxated joints in the body, the nervous system can perform at its best by improving the nerve supply to surrounding tissues and organs. This enhances body performance, healing and tissue function. To improve the nervous system holistically the chiropractor will also look to restore homeostasis or balance in your body by helping you maximise your physical, mental and emotional health.



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