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First Visit: Approximately 40mins

For your first visit we ask that you get to our office 10 mins prior to your appointment time, this will provide some time for you to fill out the relevant questionnaires and get prepared for your chiropractic examination. Chiropractor Andrew Burgess will take you through into a consultation room to begin his examination and physical assessment.


Second Visit: Report of Findings  

During this appointment your chiropractor will explain to you the readings from your examination and an action plan of care required to help your condition. This will include an appointment schedule organised by your chiropractor. For the best results it is recommended you stick to the suggested time period. In your appointment you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment, massage, stretching, physical therapy, exercise, rehabilitation, diet, health and fitness education. A nominated time will be appointed for a progress report to evaluate your progress and plan your next phase of care.


Initial Phase: Approximately 4-8 weeks

Pain and other symptoms are the two major reasons why people visit our office. Other patients may visit the chiropractor to improve their vitality, posture, performance, energy levels or to help with other health concerns. During this phase, your visits are more frequent and aimed at stabilising and improving the movement of your spine, reducing your symptoms and improving your mobility. During this phase the chiropractor will physically do most of the work and start to guide you in simple exercises to help improve your state of health.


Rehabilitation Phase: Approximately 2-12 months

Once your symptoms have started to settle we can concentrate on restoring the joints, muscles and ligaments to the best possible health for you to maximise healing and full recovery. Rehabilitative care aims to achieve complete healing, not just pain relief. During this period you visits will be less frequent and we will introduce specific exercises over a period of time and get you more involved in the care plan. Stopping your chiropractic care now can cause relapse of your existing condition, it is highly advised to continue the care plan all the way to the end.


Wellness Phase: Approximately once per month

Maintenance care is like having a tune-up, clean and recharge just like you would with a car or anything you would care for and want to perform at its best without breaking down. Treatment in this stage is aimed at preventing recurrence of the same problem, or the arousal of new symptoms. When you have obtained the best correction possible, these regular checkups will keep you healthy in the future. The frequency in this stage is very low approximately once a month.



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