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"100% natural, holistic, drug free solution to your problems"


We use safe, gentle and effective methods that are tailored to suite individual needs. We use a range of low force techniques suitable for children and the elderly as well as other manual adjusting methods.


Here you will receive that “extra special level of care” which includes:  

• Diversified manual technique

• Massage (Deep and Soft Tissue)

• Drop piece TPT/Thompson

• Activator

• Trigger Point Therapy

• Active release techniques

• Peripheral adjustments

• Gonstead

• Soft tissue techniques

• Taping and strapping

• Rehabilitation

• Physical Therapy: TENS and muscle stimulation therapy

• Theraband training

• Ergonomic Advice

• Core training and stability

• Education and Injury prevention



The Junction Chiropractic Clinic


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