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Private Health, Medicare & Workers Compensation

Medicare rebate:


Did you know that Chiropractic care is now covered by Medicare under the Enhanced Primary Care program (EPC)?  

At The Junction Chiropractic we are registered and available to provide care for you under this

scheme.  This health care program was recently developed by Medicare Australia to assist patients who are suffering with chronic illness e.g. asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions and stroke.  

To receive this program you must visit your General Practitioner GP and have an EPC plan prepared. Under this care plan, Medicare will provide 5 chiropractic sessions per calendar year, rebating you approximately $50 each visit. 

For more details visit the site below:


Private Health Insurance:


Chiropractic is recognised by most health insurance companies if you have extras included in your health insurance policy. A good percentage of chiropractic fees can be discounted by claiming through your private health funds.  

When organising your policy let your insurance company know that you would like chiropractic care included so that you can receive benefits. Each policy will differ in how much per year you are entitled to and the percentage you are covered for. If you are unhappy with your current cover please inform your provider as they may be able to better suit your needs.  

At The Junction Chiropractic we have HICAPS available so you can process your claims on site without needing to wait in queues at your health insurance branch. This makes things more convenient for you, saving time and giving your discount automatically.


Workers Compensation


“Chiropractor Andrew Burgess is an approved Workers Compensation Practitioner”

Research has proven Chiropractic is a very effective approach to managing work related injuries leading to a speedy recovery and full restoration of health. Chiropractic has also been proven to be better than other forms of care but also very cost effective in the treatment of worker’s compensation claims saving not only on medical expenses but also in time spent injured away from the work place. 

Chiropractic is fully covered by worker’s compensation insurance and requires approval of your chiropractic care plan by your insurance company. No referral is necessary but it is recommended that you visit your G.P. to document your claim and assist in the process.  Injured workers have the right to choose the type of care they wish to receive so ask for your Doctors approval for Chiropractic when you visit their office. If you have any problems with this process please let us know.


Motor Vehicle Insurance

Injured people suffering with injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents (M.V.A.) may find Chiropractic very useful. Chiropractic is available to those in need after a motor vehicle accident and is covered under most insurance policies. In the event of an accident please notify your insurance company and notify your doctor for whether you are injured and especially if you are going to need health assistance. Special paper work will need to be filled out in the chiropractic office for your claim to be processed and approved.



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